How do I sign up?
It’s easy. Simply e-mail your name, home address, work address, and regular travel times to parkandridetallahassee@gmail.com.

When must I sign up?

Participants can sign up at any time during the PARC pilot program. PARC begins Tuesday, September 4 (the day after Labor Day), and runs through Friday, December 7. StarMetro service will continue after that date. However, this three-month pilot program is intended to encourage first-time users to try StarMetro and share their thoughts about the experience with the planning team.

What do I get for participating?
The first 50 people to sign up will receive:

  • A special StarMetro PARC pass with one month of free rides
  • A reusable PARC cloth shopping bag, which folds into a small packet convenient for carrying in your purse or glove compartment
  • A PARC umbrella
  • A reusable, insulated lunch bag
  • Discount coupons and giveaways from area businesses
  • Convenient parking spaces near shops, grocery stores, and recreational facilities

What am I committed to if I sign up?
PARC members must agree to:

  • Ride StarMetro to and from work an average of two times a week between September 4 and December 7
  • Complete two short surveys – one before the program begins and one at the end

PARC members are invited to:

  • Pick up your information and goody bags at Premier Gym
  • Participate in a focus group part-way through the program. The results of this research will aid in improving future park-and-ride efforts in our community
  • Join us Saturday, December 8, for a celebratory lunch at Po’Boys Creole Restaurant on Village Square Blvd. We will calculate how many miles we’ve saved and how much less CO2 we’ve dumped into our environment. Door prizes will be given for various accomplishments.

Where are the PARC-ing lots?
Starting September 4, riders will be able to park their vehicles at two locations:

  • Premier Health & Fitness Center, 3521 Maclay Blvd. So. – Thirty PARC-ing spots will be available at the southwestern corner of the lot, across the street from the StarMetro stop by Baden Baden and Sage Restaurant.
  • Smith, Thompson, Shaw, & Manausa Law Firm, 3520 Thomasville Road – Ten PARC-ing spots will be available at the far corner of the lot across the street from Po’Boys Creole Cafe. A covered StarMetro stop is across the street on Village Square Blvd.

As of October 30, two more stops are tentatively scheduled to be added:

  • Wal*Mart Supercenter, 5500 Thomasville Road
  • Target Store, 3700 Bradfordville Road

Please park only in the designated spots.

What is the StarMetro schedule?

Visit our Routes page to learn more about the StarMetro schedule.

Will I need to transfer from one bus to another?

It depends. All buses stop at C.K. Steele Plaza downtown and then leave on other routes.

You won’t have to change buses if:

  • you’re going to FSU. Route 16 becomes Route 15 once it arrives downtown. Then Route 15 takes you directly to FSU.
  • you’re going to Southwood. Route 80X, an express service, is scheduled to stop briefly at the plaza before heading straight to Southwood.

Other trips may require you to get a free transfer (visit StarMetro’s Web site to find out more). Schedules are such that there are only a few minutes between connections – plenty of time for you to walk from one gate to another.

Is Riding StarMetro for You?

So why would we want to give up our private vehicles in favor of public transportation?

  • Save money – Riding StarMetro round trip costs $2.50 a day (or $1.20 a day if you’re 60+). Compare that to the cost of gas (around $3 per gallon), parking, insurance, and upkeep on your car, and the savings can be significant.
  • Avoid the hassles of driving – Let StarMetro drivers negotiate rush-hour traffic.
  • Use your time differently – Depending upon your final destination, you might reach your office a few minutes later or up to twice as long as it would take driving by yourself. But you can use that extra time to read the newspaper or a good book, listen to music, check your e-mail (on Route 80X), do a crossword puzzle, or simply relax.

6 Responses to “Become a Rider”

  1. Ila Sharpe Says:

    What about rides to FAMU?
    I start work at 7:30AM.

  2. LaRae for PARC Says:

    Hi, Ila:

    I work at FAMU, too. Unfortunately, the soonest StarMetro can get you to campus is about 7:55 a.m. You’d catch Route 14 at the plaza.

    Will your boss let you start at 8 a.m. instead — at least a couple of days a week?

  3. Felicia Wilhelmy Says:

    Will there be secure bike parking made available at the Park and Rides sites?

  4. parkandride Says:

    Hello Felicia,

    At this point, I don’t think that the city is planning to install any new, secure bike parking close to these sites. However, I do know that there is a secure bike rack at Premier Gym. I’m unsure about the other businesses though… I’ll check them out the next time I’m over there.

  5. Debi Fadool Says:

    Does StarMetro park and ride bus have front rack to carry bikes?


  6. parkandride Says:

    Hi, Debi:

    Yes, StarMetro buses have front bike racks — enough for two bikes.

    PARC Team

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