The Park-and-Ride Community (or PARC) is a pilot program created by the Knight Creative Communities Initiative’s Greenovation team and StarMetro to offer Tallahassee drivers a convenient, environmentally conscious option for commuting. A park-and-ride program allows commuters to leave their vehicles at a designated area and ride public transportation to their intended destination. As Tallahassee works to become a leader in green technologies, PARC provides a way for Tallahasseeans to better their community while saving money as gas prices continue to climb.

This pilot program will run from September 4, 2007, through December 7, 2007, on routes serving the north Thomasville Road area. Route 16 will be available the length of the pilot program; Route 80X is tentatively scheduled to extend north on Thomasville Road beginning October 30. The buses will continue to run after that time. However, the pilot project is meant to encourage first-time users to try StarMetro and share their thoughts about the experience with the planning team. PARC will serve as a model for other neighborhoods interested in starting a park-and-ride program in their area.

Join the Park-and-Ride Community. Ride StarMetro. Relax. And make a difference.


Through PARC, riders can leave their vehicles at one of several convenient locations in the Thomasville area rather than drive in rush-hour traffic. Each designated parking lot is near a StarMetro stop. Depending upon the route, buses leave every hour or half hour from about 7:10 a.m. until 7:10 p.m.

Route 80X, when it gets extended, will be an express route carrying riders from as far north as Target on Bannerman Road to as far south as Southwood. It will offer Wi-Fi, allowing participants to use the Internet during their daily commute.

Going Green

PARC offers a great opportunity for participants to do their part in helping Tallahassee “Go Green.” Each gallon of gas you burn while driving around town dumps 20 pounds of CO2 into the atmosphere. A staggering 32 percent of all CO2 emissions, which are a significant source of greenhouse gas, come from the transportation sector. However, only 1.38 percent of those emissions comes from buses, according to a study from Carnegie Mellon University. Time Magazine, citing a report by the American Public Transportation Association, stated that “Public transit saves an estimated 1.4 billion gallons of gas annually, which translates into about 1.5 million tons of CO2.” (April 9,2007)

To find out more about how your lifestyle affects the environment, take the Eco Footprint Quiz.

PARC Partners


2 Responses to “About”

  1. kathleen dekker Says:

    I am interested if/when there is a park and ride at Target off T’ville rd/Bradfordille rd. The congestion is too much to get to Premier or I would have signed up for the pilot. I live in Killearn Lakes Plantation area. THX

  2. parkandride Says:

    Hi, Kathleen:

    Watch here for news of when 80X will extend your way. We’ve heard it probably will be during Commuter Choices Week the last week in October, but it could be as late as December.

    Stay tuned.

    The PARC Team

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